Our Services


Community Buildup

Our team builds communities from the ground-up or grows them.



Our team can create marketing campaigns suited for your project


Constant Support

Crypto is global and so is our moderation service.
We provide constant community support on every popular community platform.


Create Content

Our staff can write articles, create infographics and other types of non developer content for your project.


Create Engagement

Our team will create constant community engagement, like: giveaways, events, competitions and generally interact with the community to keep it active.


Get in contact with influencers

We find the best suitable influencers for your brand and get in touch with them.

Discord Management Process


We will setup your Discord with needed channels and roles in a way to meet the community’s needs. We will provide a Top Tier Discord server setup once we meet up! It will include complete permission sets, custom roles, text/voice channels, bots, leaderboard systems, and more!

Our trained moderators and our admins will be monitoring
the community, creating engagement and providing
support whenever it’s needed.

Our staff will create community contests, events, tags, community names and educational content suited for the project.

Our mods and admins will ban scammers, extreme baseless fudders and people who break the rules of the community. They will also moderate messages and channels to create a smooth community environment.

Our Clients

Meet the Team

Voice & collaboration services that will make you feel like you are in the same office.

Come join us in Discord and let’s talk!